Exploration Architecture

Exploration Architecture is a London based architectural company founded and headed by Michael Pawlyn. Exploration Architecture draws inspiration from nature to devise solutions that produce radical increases in resource efficiency – a discipline known as Biomimicry. Exploration Architecture has provided architectural services for Sahara Forest Project Pilot Project in Qatar.

The Bellona Foundation

The Bellona Foundation is an international environmental organization with more than 70 employees in Norway, Russia, Brussels, Poland and the US. The Bellona Foundation has a strong tradition of identifying and promoting new and innovative solutions to environmental problems. The Founder and President of The Bellona Foundation, Frederic Hauge, has won numerous awards for his untiring efforts for the environment, and he is named  “Hero Of The Environment” by Time Magazine.


CIRiS is a department at NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS, a non-profit organization owned by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). CIRiS believe that the idea of “A Spaceship Earth” and the endeavor of space exploration provide a very powerful philosophical, technical and scientific frame of reference when we address the many complex challenges humankind faces here on Earth. The future depends on the understanding and development of innovative concepts and technologies that will enable the sustainable management of our resources. For many of us it is clear that the core challenges facing our “Spaceship Earth” and the spaceships needed to explore deep space is only a matter of magnitude. CIRiS states: “In this respect the cooperation with Sahara Forest Project (SFP) present for us a unique opportunity to contribute to the ground-breaking approaches to resource management that SFP represent.”


US Department of Energy Research Consortium on Large-Scale Production of Fuels and Feed from Marine Microalgae

The DOE research consortium includes some of the leading algae researchers in the world, and has a sharply defined real-world focus on optimizing marine algae production such that large-scale commercial production of algae for fuels and feeds becomes commercially viable.  

Consortium details: PI, Dr. Mark Huntley, Visiting Scientist at Cornell University.  Co-PI, Prof. Charles Greene, Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University.  Members are University of Nordland, Duke University, Gildeskål Foskningsstasjon AS, San Francisco State University, University of Hawaii, University of Southern Mississippi, Cellana LLC and The Sahara Forest Project.

The SFP Pilot Facility will be used to carry out high-level research to enable technically and economically viable large-scale production of algae for use as a bioenergy feedstock and as a nutritional source for livestock, focusing on the entire value chain from algae cultivation to final fuel or feed production