Mr. Joakim Hauge

is the Chief Executive Officer of The Sahara Forest Project and holds an MSc in biology from Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo. He has a broad experience on issues related to innovation and biology from non-governmental and private sectors and has previously been advising national and international institutions such as the EU Biofuels Technology Platform. Hauge is an experienced speaker on environmental policies, technology and innovation.

Mr. Kjetil Stake

is the Vice President and Board member of The Sahara Forest Project and holds an MA in Economics from College of Europe and BA in International Economics from The American University of Paris. Mr. Stake has experience in business development and start-ups. He previously served as Managing Director for The Brussels Office, advising a large number of companies on energy and environmental affairs. Fields of competence include European affairs, business policies and regulation and he is an experienced international speaker on Energy and Environment affairs.