Mr. Michael Pawlyn

is the Design Manager and a Director and Board member of The Sahara Forest Project. He jointly initiated the project and assembled the team which became formalized as The Sahara Forest Project. He established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on biomimicry and, prior to this, was part of the core team of architects at Grimshaw that designed the Eden Project.

Mr. Bill Watts

studied zoology at Oxford and Stirling Universities before joining Max Fordham llp in 1980 to be a Consulting building services engineer. He is now senior partner in Max Fordham llp and Technology Manager of The Sahara Forest Project. Mr. Watts has spent over 30 years designing the environmental services installations in buildings and introducing innovative sustainable ways of making buildings comfortable. More recently, Mr. Watts has also been involved in shaping the wider agenda of energy and resource use in the UK. He is now involved in developing novel engineering solutions and products to address issues of resource use.

Mr. Frederic Hauge

is President of the Bellona Foundation, an environmental organization with a strong tradition for identifying innovative solutions to environmental problems. Mr. Hauge is vice chairman of the European Commission’s Technology Platform on Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ZEP) and Board Member of the EU Biofuels Platform. Hauge also serves in the advisory group to the EU Energy Commissioner for establishing a roadmap on how to decarbonize Europe towards 2050. Mr. Hauge has won numerous awards for his work, and Time Magazine has named him a “Hero of the Environment”.