Mr. Joakim Hauge

is the Chief Executive Officer of The Sahara Forest Project and holds an MSc in biology from Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis at the University of Oslo. He has a broad experience on issues related to innovation and biology from non-governmental and private sectors and has previously been advising national and international institutions such as the EU Biofuels Technology Platform. Hauge is an experienced speaker on environmental policies, technology and innovation.

Mr. Kjetil Stake

is the Vice President and Board member of The Sahara Forest Project and holds an MA in Economics from College of Europe and BA in International Economics from The American University of Paris. Mr. Stake has experience in business development and start-ups. He previously served as Managing Director for The Brussels Office, advising a large number of companies on energy and environmental affairs. Fields of competence include European affairs, business policies and regulation and he is an experienced international speaker on Energy and Environment affairs.

Mr. Bill Watts

is the Technology Manager and a Director and Board member of The Sahara Forest Project. Mr. Watts studied zoology at Oxford and Stirling Universities before joining Max Fordham llp in 1980 to be a Consulting building services engineer. Mr. Watts has spent over 30 years designing the environmental services installations in buildings and introducing innovative sustainable ways of making buildings comfortable.

Mr. Michael Pawlyn

is the Design Manager and a Director and Board member of The Sahara Forest Project. He jointly initiated the project and assembled the team which became formalized as The Sahara Forest Project. He established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on biomimicry and, prior to this, was part of the core team of architects at Grimshaw that designed the Eden Project.

Mr. Henrik Seland

is the Finance Manager of The Sahara Forest Project and has a MBA degree from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has extensive experience from the financial markets working both as an analyst and with Corporate Finance activities. He has also worked as an consultant with business development and financial strategies for companies in several industries.

Mrs. Kari Sofie Bjørnsen

is the Legal and Corporate Affairs Manager of The Sahara Forest Project and is a lawyer with an executive MBA. She has a broad experience as business lawyer and has been legal director, HR director and responsible for Corporate Affairs in several financial institutions. Mrs. Bjørnsen previously served as Senior Vice President of Business Affairs in Teller AS, a Nordic provider for international card payments.

Ms. Maha Mehdi

is the Office Manager of The Sahara Forest Project and has a Maîtrise in Environment and Urban Planning from the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut.  Ms Mehdi has a background from the United Nations Development Programme, the Lebanese Ministry of Environment and international organisations and companies specialised in environment and sustainable development.

Mr. Steve Clarkson

is the Head Grower of The Sahara Forest Project. Mr. Clarkson has close to 40 years of dedicated experience in developing new techniques in growing, resulting in among others to successfully achieve the only commercial pesticide and herbicide free production within the EU. Mr. Clarkson is elected Chairman of the UK Cucumber Growers Association.